Would you still text her?

Guys: If a girl told you "I'm not someone to f*** with, I don't give a damn about you" and you liked her would you still text her?

in my defense he was being a huge ass, he broke up with me because I didn't text him enough and then he said he was talking to other girls the whole time we went out, didn't want to go to prom with me and made his friend ask me as a joke...


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  • Nope. She's set the boundaries.

    • what if she talked to you again? what would that make you think...

    • Think, yes.

      About what? Hard to say. Time changes things.

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  • Why are you b*tching...exactly...

    I mean, you sorta kinda...idk...did this thing we call "standing your ground".

    F*** that loser.

    In all fairness, WHY WOULD YOU want them to text you again after that? Isn't that sort of...counterproductive?

    • i go to an all girls school. guys aren't really that accessible for me

  • the whole "I don't give a damn about you" Would throw me off... I don't think it matters if your a guy or a girl. I'm not someone to f*** with... not neccesarily a deal breaker I think...

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