Is it bad to like 2 maybe 3 guys at one time?

i like 3 guys that I talk to but neither of them have made a move. so its OK to like all 3 and then hope one makes a move or says he wants more.


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  • Bad.. But girls seem to think they can handle it... I only date one girl.. And try to only show intrest in one.. So I dis agree with this idea..

    Its funny I read a book ones called "girls guide to date like a guy"

    The first page I fliped to said most girls think there's not enough guys in the world its like a guy shortage..

    Then the next page I fliped to says girls should be dating 3-5 at one time..

    No wonder they belive there's not enough guys out there

    If I guy dates like that and get caught they lose all the girls in one girls revenge..

    The next page I read says guys belive there's a girl on every corner and belive they can get any girl..

    Well of corse we can cause every girl dates 5 guys..

    I dis like this idea most girls get...

    Now if your just liking them and not dating all of them at once I can't complain.. You can look at as meany guys you want.. But just pick one..

    If you want them to make a move you can't be playing all the cards

    Theres this girl I like and have tried to make a move but every time I do she's got another guy on her shoulder so ill get my strangth and try to squeeze in there and yet another guy is there.. Some are just her guy friends but I can't tell and can't act.. But I also know I've been the guy on her shoulder at one point and scared another guy off.. I know this girl liked me but with all these guys around her I can't tell anymore and plan on giving up..

    If you want one of them to act you need to show more intrest in just one of them..

    • i understand completely I'm just crushing on them but I really just like 1 because the other is popping in and out but I'm no good at getting them to act on their feelings because I think every time I go in and ask them out they run from me. its so annoying

    • How dose the one keep poping in and out?

    • like he will not talk to me for 2 weeks and I won't see him on campus then he comes back around for a few days and then disappears again. that's what I mean when he pops in and out

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  • I'd expect anyone to have multiple friends and to like them ALL. What's the point of being befriended with someone you don't like?

    If I don't like someone he/she 'll be an acquaintance OR I'll steer clear of him/her.

  • Hey add me as number , I might not be in the top three but hey I'm the only one making a move, it's not wrong to like 3,4,5... ,it's wrong to commit to 2,3..., hey if you are interested in my offer here is my facebook user name fakhri.dean.zouari, or at least one them ;)

  • yes its okay, I do the same thing (except I like girls)

  • there is nothign bad or wrong with it unless you make them fight for your attention or play them against eachother


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  • It's totally normal,i have had 5 crushes in one time but now I only have one major crush(:

    • ya like there is one I really ;iiked but he is seeming so shy and he is about to graduate and move away and the 2nd one he is befriending my parents like crazy. I mean my dad has even said he likes him so that's why immm so freaking confused

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