Is there a touch barrier with possessions?

I have been meeting up with this guy a couple times a week for lunch and it is obvious that he likes me (just wanted to clarify that this was not another 'does he like me' question). The past couple of times he has started touching my possessions. The first time he asked but now he just takes them from me. He never used to do this. It does not bother me (it is actually kind of cute) but I was wondering if there was a touch barrier with objects similar to the actual "touch barrier".


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  • I never heard of any such barrier! Actually, not the other 'touch barrier' either. Who sugggested there was such a barrier?


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  • Yes I have a huge guitar collection and all of my pre 1967 gibsons, pre 1950 martins, and dangelico are pretty much don't even look at them they are off limits.


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