How should I ask a guy out to prom?

OK, so there is this guy, the same age as me, and my mom wants me to ask him, this Monday, out to prom because she knows I like him

-He's in two of my classes(English&govt), I've talked to him a few times and had good/laugh-filled conversations, but he always sits across the room...I never know how to tell if a guy has liked me which I guess is why I still have never had a boyfriend.

-people and family always tell me I'm prettiest out of my sisters, but I never see it. I'm a little bit curvy, but not that curvy(size10). So that's why I'm asking how to ask this guy out without getting embarrassed because I'm deathly afraid of rejection :((

-so what I'm trying to say, is how (word wise) I should (confidently) ask him to prom in the best way possible?!


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  • Just ask! If you ask casually and breezy, you'll be less nervous.

    Oh, and don't set any expectations as to what his answer could be. Don't expect a "yes" and don't expect a "no"

  • slip a note in locker or window shield...