Odd.. Why did she stop after an hour?

We were texting back and forth for almost an hour about this and that.. But she asked if I could help her and her friends do something and said its her sisters idea.. I said sure

So then I decided to ask her out to go hang..

I got no responds still.. It was 2 days ago.. She stopped texting all together.. That night

We have texted on other things since then but why did she not respond..

Should I bring it up again? Or was that my answer?


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  • Well I'd be more concerned about what she wanted your help with? Is she someone you know well, or did you just meet recently? It all sounds a bit weird to me, I'd be careful if I were you!

    • What she asked for my help with is somthing I've done for her befor.. Sorta..

      So its not that weird.. I've known her for several months.. Dated once.. Hanged out once.. But I've tried a few times..

      But we always seem to hang around her friends alot.. But not really hangin out.. Just hangin

    • Ah okay, that's fair enough. I just wasn't sure if she'd ever told you what she wanted help with. Give it another try perhaps, as long as you're sure she's not seeing someone else. She may be just wary for some reason... I know I'd like a guy to fight for me. It's the one thing I really long for!

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  • What is your relationship with this girl? Is she a friend that you are interested in? Someone that you have gone on a date or two with or are casually dating? It's possible that she likes you as a friend but is not interested in dating you, and so she doesn't want to lead you on by agreeing to hang out with you one on one, but also doesn't want to say no and hurt your feelings. That could explain why she ignored you when you asked her to hang out but kept talking to you about other stuff. It's hard to know exactly without knowing more details about your situation though...