I got rejected but WHY?

Every time. And I mean EVERYTIME I’m atttacted to someone they don’t like me back. I get it. I grew up an ugly girl. But now I don’t get it.
Im independent, I have a million hobbies, I’m short, I’m talented, I’m growing a following on fcking YouTube, and talented and I’m NOT broke.
like you heard that right?
Yet again I still atttact losers, ugly guys and just people I’m not interested in. But the one person I’m interested in never even bats me an eye. Like he’s my equal, like what. A high value independent man. That’s exactly what I want to date. like give me a chaancceeeee

im ugly. I must be ugly. Im almost done with college, I work hard, I have talent and shit but I guess maybe I don’t have it in the looks department.
how is it possible I have everything but looks?
god damn it I’m so fustrated I don’t know what to do.
I got rejected but WHY?
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