Am I wasting my time or do I keep going?

So I am dating this guy and have been for a while we was casually talking and I said for a laugh to him let’s take a pic and put it on Snapchat (social media). He replied no I’ve got family on there I said to him so? He said they don’t know. I then asked if his mum and dad are strict on him having a girlfriend or is it the fact that different ethnicity he said it’s the fact it’s different ethnicity. I questioned it and said so are you not wasting your time We are not kids anymore if you don’t see a future with me you can tell me because I would rather have the truth.
His reply was ‘ if I didn’t see a future with you I wouldn’t be with you right now. I make my own decisions I hope you understand that’

Can someone give me some advice on this situation?
Am I wasting my time or do I keep going?
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