Should I message her on formspring?

I was bored and was browsing okcupid and I saw the profile of this amazing girl so I signed up and answered some questions to see how well we would match up and she ended up being my #1 match lol. I seriously think we would be perfect for each other.

The thing is she hasn't logged in since April 11th. I messaged her and am waiting to hear back from her but there's another girl that I have kinda been talking to and we are planning on studying together Wednesday so I kinda need to hear from her soon. I googled her username and she has a formspring. Do you think I should tell her she has a message on okcupid or would that seem stalkerish?


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  • Yes, go for it.. and no I think, that's okay.. I think that would be sweet because you try to find ways to contact her.. you should just make a good opening message to her so she won't misinterpret it.. and I do that to find a way to contact someone I'm interested to on site as well lol, that's okay :)

    • I appreciate the help but you're a little late =p ...she's my girlfriend now ;)

      at least I have someone to give best answer to now.

    • lol well that sounds great, good to know haha. Wish you all the best!

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