What to do on a first date with a girl?

I'm in high school and I really like this girl and I don't want to blow the first date so what should I do & say, how should I act. Please give me some tips.


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  • Usually, this stuff will come naturally. As a girl who is also in High School, I would be immediately turned off if my date already had what he was going to say or do. That would be like lying. Be yourself! No matter what people say, It REALLY is the best way to go.

    Don't plan your actions!


What Guys Said 1

  • Where are you going?

    • Movies then somthing to eat

    • Hahaha, hope it goes well. Just relax, don't be loud, try to show off or impress her... just be cool, calm, enjoy the night. Tell her she looks nice at the beggining of the night... and leave it at that, never over-compliment, be confident about yourself. If you're all nervous, anxious about whether things are going well... they won't go well, she'll most probably pick up on it and it'll make her uneasy, she'll think you're making a big fuss over a date with her... she may be scared off!

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