How do I safely break up with my boyfriend?

I’m not gonna write down everything that’s happened but last night, my boyfriend and I got into an extremely heated argument. He asked me a question like “what do you want?” And I replied sarcastically that I wanted him to take a shower. I was kidding of course. Anyway, he got really really mad and he threw a shirt at my face and then he started being immature and had a temper tantrum. He tried to make me leave in the middle of the night in my bra and underwear.

I of course, told him that he was overreacting but he just kept going on screaming at me and yelling curse words. He even pushed me to the bed. Then I told him if I can go home and he didn’t let me. I tried to lock myself into the bathroom and call the cops but he burst threw the door and hurt my back, took my phone from me and started screaming in my face. He snatched my backpack and Hurt my fingers.

Anyway moral of The story, I’m ready to get out of the relationship and I told him this and he told me no I’m not leaving. He knows where I live and I don’t know if it’s safe for me to go home. He doesn’t have a car but I’m scared he’ll try to walk to my apartment since I don’t live very far.
How do I safely break up with my boyfriend?
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