He caught me with his phone and now I’m confused?

So I know I’m a d*** for doing it and there’s no excuses but please hear me out.
I was super stressed, got drunk, got an idea in my head that he was messaging someone else and so when I thought he was asleep I picked up his phone and took it to the bathroom with me.

let me be clear, I do not know his password so I was just looking through his notifications (which don’t show a preview) just to see if there was anything from a particular name.

he woke up while I was in the bathroom (I didn’t know) and he then didn’t say anything carried on and went to work and messaged me saying he isn’t happy.

he said not to worry about it the day after and that he would give me another chance. He then said on the phone later that day that he needed space to think.

i have given him space but he messages me with kisses on the end of his messages and says goodnight.
what does this mean and how can I get him back?
He caught me with his phone and now I’m confused?
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