Why are our conversations awkward?

I’m talking to this guy. I felt we both have been interested in each other for a while. However since we’ve been talking on the phone the conversations are focused on getting to know each other and it’s pretty boring. :/
He doesn’t say things like “If we date” when we go on a date” ... It’s almost like I’m getting to know someone who wants to be a friend. And he isn’t being romantic at all. It’s really affecting me feeling comfortable opening up, because I don’t feel a connection yet do our convos are really boring...

Because this is our 2nd/3rd Conversation do you think I’m expecting too much too soon?
1 y
Not to seem weird but our convos are always “ What do you like about... or think about...” Never anything natural, sometimes I’m skeptical of his interests
Why are our conversations awkward?
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