Is it me or do most girls today do not want a relationship?

I consider myself a nice guy that wears my heart on my sleeve , I don’t think I am perfect but I know I value relationships and commitment I am old school when it comes to dating and relationships, It just seems like nowadays Girls don’t really want to settle they say they do but it doesn’t last, it’s like they like the thought about it but the reality of it they don’t want to settle? It seems like trust is out the window and people’s expectations are too high , I blame a lot of it on social media, the only girls I seem to think I have a chance with are the ones that are secretly married or in a relationship and I don’t find out until after the fact. I think that’s why I am attracted to younger girls in their mid to late 20’s cuz most girls my age lie about their relationship status that I have met and fooled around with but they are the only ones that make me feel wanted. I don’t know I just had my heart stomped on to many times and I feel like
Relationships are pretty much a thing from the past. I can tell a girl that I am thinking about her , tell her she is absolutely gorgeous , compliment her and it seems like it means nothing to her but if I walk away and not
Give her attention she
Comes chasing? What is the deal with that? But if I meet a girl that loves my compliments and tell her she is beautiful and she responds back with the same compliments and we end up in bed together , I then find out she is married. What is wrong with this world?
Is it me or do most girls today do not want a relationship?
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