Would you date someone with herpes?

About a year ago, I started dating this guy who was smart, cute, successful, and incredibly kind. I mean, really, the whole package! He was also VERY respectful, and we didn't really get to hot and heavy until about the 9th date.
We were making out, and he pulled away, took my hands, and told me he has herpes... It kind of made sense. High quality men in their mid thirties are normally off the market, so of COURSE there had to be something. I kept dating him for a few weeks trying to figure out if I could deal with it, but I just couldn't. What if I got it and then we ended up breaking up? It's hard enough dating without having to worry about telling people THAT.
Could you date someone you know has herpes when you don't? What would be the exception?
Yes, it's no big deal.
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No, absolutely not.
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Maybe, if I thought they were "the one."
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1 y
by the way, I should have mentioned this was active HSV2, not HSV1, which you (yes, you) probably DO test positive for, even if you don't have symptoms. HSV2 is associated with genitals, while HSV1 is more often cold sores (although, again, you may never show signs of having either, and you can technically get either on the reverse area of where it is usually found). Get tested, people!
Would you date someone with herpes?
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