I kissed him, it didn't bother him but he said not to do it again?

So there's this guy I fell for and ever since I admitted my feelings towards him (to myself) things have gone, I think, from bad to worse. He at one point told me he liked me so I saw that as a green light. I was wrong. I wanted to get to know him but he thought I wanted a relationship, but I didn't, he was jumping to conclusions by himself. So now his ex is after my butt talking crap all the time (she even started a rumor about us), he thinks I want a relationship and our friendship is kind of awkward and I'm running out of time to straighten things out because we graduate on May. So we went on this "double-date" a while ago and it got my hopes up, but it was his plan so our friends could hook up, so I got drunk (mad to the point of crying) and in my state I kissed him, the next day he told me it didn't bother him but that I shouldn't do it again. I don't get it, he tells me one thing then says another, saying that it's going to harm me. What do you think? I mean, he's always protecting me, he's there when I cry and when I get mad, always bringing a smile back on my face and telling me what I need to hear, he's there in good and bad, but I don't understand.


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  • I think your best beat is to listen to his action not his words.


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