I'm careless and don't make the right decisions, advice?

Maybe a diagnosis or a small piece of advice.

I can't think/plan ahead, I can't focus, I can't see the big picture most of the time, and I have a terrible time making decisions. I will have one reason to not do something, and after the time has passed, I will regret not doing it for a completely different reason.

Every decision I make pretty much, I wish I had made the opposite one. Mainly when I decide to not do something. For instance, I did not put my all into the one short-term fling I had in college because I knew it wouldn't last. However, I was devastated when it ended anyway, and I regretted not making the most of it. (mainly because I'm not a really social person, and I'm generally shy/frigid around the opposite gender , so that was a rare occurrence for me).

Also, I'm hesitant to get involved with anyone, but then when I am, I'm so careless about the whole relationship, that it's like, why bother if you can't even do it right? I just over-think everything.


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  • Its been proven that your thoughts and words can become true. Maybe think more positively?


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  • Wow...you sound like an ordinary woman to me darling. If there is something wrong with you then there is something wrong with all women. ;-)


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