He still hasn't texted or called, advice?

So the guy I was talking about in my previous question...I text him and basically told him that he was first my friend, and there was no reason for him not to just let me know why he dropped off the face of the earth. He text me back and said he's actually been working, and a lot had happened in the past couple weeks. He said he was sorry, and that he would talk to me in a little while. He actually a few days later came into my work. He's a client there, and made an appointment so I don't think he's trying to avoid me. He was talking to me a lot just normal convo. I tried to act like nothing happened. He stuck around for about and hr 1/2...actually had to kinda kick him out so we could close up. At one point he said "so I ughh think I owe you a drink or something" I asked him why he says that...and he said he wanted to "explain"...I told him he doesn't need to explain anything. He said "well I just don't think this is the place to get into a serious conversation"...I tried to play it off and said that there was nothing he needed to explain to me...I mean we only went out a couple of times so I really didn't know what else to say.Thing is he stayed well past the time he usually sticks around there and basically kinda followed me and kept looking at me...like staring and smiling. At one point he asked where I was going after work. I said "home" hoping he would ask me to go for a drink or something. Like I said I had to practically kick him out so we could close up. That was almost a week ago and he still hasn't text or called me. I thought by the way he was acting that he would for sure that night ...and by the way I was kind of not making a big deal. I don't know if I should text him and ask if everything is OK with him, cause I just have a weird feeling that there is something wrong that doesn't have to do with me. OPINIONS PLEEEASE...He is divorced with 3 teenagers that I belive he has custody of. Just ...I think that is part of this problem. By the way he was the two times we went out, I just don't feel that it's me. I don't know what to do or say. We have been friends for a long time, and I hate the fact that he feels he can't just talk abt it. It kinda breaks my heart.

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  • Guys find it hard to talk about deep emotional aspects of their life. Sometimes a guy has something to say that might make him nervous because he doesn't know how the woman is going to react. So a guy will take the time to get himself worked up and feeling brave. A guy likes to plan out exactly what he's going to say and how he's going to say it. If for some reason the moment that he was waiting for doesn't come he feels deflated and is back to having a hard time saying anything at all.

    If a guy wants to share something with you, asking him if everything is OK, might actually have the opposite effect. Might simply be a good idea to ask him a question he can actually answer. As long as it's not something silly as what is 2+2 it will give him the opportunity to respond in a way that might be more comfortable. Even something like asking him when he wants to go out next. When a guy asks what your doing and you say going home, some guys think of that as a rejection, not an opportunity to ask you out for drinks. So he might be afraid to contact you.

    • So you think I should just ask when we are going out again then see what happens? Thank you for responding. Your post makes a lot of sense now that I think abt it.

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    • Thank you so much for your input. You have helped me to think differently abt this whole situation instead of freaking out abt it. He is a Virgo, and I read that Male Virgos do this alot. Also work, and family is first. One of our last coversations via text he said he had some drama w his daughter earlier in the day. So maybe somethin is going on there. I don't know we will see.

    • Ask any parent with ONE teenager and they will tell you what a handful they can be. I don't have any children but just from reading some of the answers and questions on here, being a single parent can be very time consuming. Not to mention what a pain I *KNOW* girls can be. *grin* Don't be afraid to ask some of your mutual friends if they know what's going on.

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