Need advice for a 4th date?

So I met this guy online little over 2 months ago... We talked for about 3 weeks before we met and since have had 3 dates. Each date went well and he asked to see me again after each time. He also intiates almost all contact we have.We are going on our 4th date and When he asked me what I wanted to do I suggested something lowkey since I'm studying for finals... and he suggested watching a movie at his place? I said sure but is this not a good idea? I like the guy and I know he likes me( so he's told me) and we've already kissed. I don't want to rush things with him but I do want to make sure things progress in the right direction. I am also wondering if on the 4th date if it's an OK time to talk about more serious things... Please let me know. Just to let you know he texts or calls at least once a day for the last 4 weeks and neither of us are dating anyone else.


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  • just because you go over to his place doesn't mean anything has to happen