Is it normal that I'm still sad?

So I met a guy and I did something I almost never do: I asked him out on a date! It all happened pretty fast, I'm not the type to wait. Anyway, he gladly accepted and my hopes were all up because I really, really liked him. I felt he was my soulmate, and it seemed like he thought the same about me. The date was lovely. Even though I was the one asking, he planned for everything. We went for dinner then we went to his place to pickup his dog and had a walk along the beach. We then went back to his place and had a drink in his garden. Then we finally got to the relationship talk, and sadly my hopes all went down when he said that he likes me but is just not ready to commit to a relationship right now. He said it wouldn't be fair for neither of us to start something that he will probably ruin. Well, I thanked him for being honest, and said we should probably call the night then. But as I was getting ready to leave, he said "I know this is confusing, but can I at least kiss you goodbye?". I don't know what happened to me in that moment, my mind just went blank and I was dying to kiss him. Literally dying. So I leaned in and we kissed, very slowly and passionately. I knew in that moment that I fell in love with him and that that is bad news. I also knew that if I don't stop the kissing, we're going straight to his bed. I just couldn't stop. All my common sense was gone. Then he asked me if I want to sleep with him... and I said yes. I did really want it. But I told him that I'm not up for hookup, that if we do this it's gonna be a one time thing, that I don't want to stay in touch because there's no point. He said he understands and carried me to his bed and we made love. It was best sex in my life. Lasted for hours, til morning.
It's been 2 weeks since then and he respected me by not contacting me. But I still think about him and I'm still kinda sad that it didn't work out. Is this normal?
Is it normal that I'm still sad?
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