People are never interested in me for friendship or love?

I find it extremely hard to make friends. I’m friendly, a good listener, I like to think I’m interesting and I’m always considerate, and I’m chatty but no one ever wants to form a friendship with me.

I just moved into a houseshare this week and it made me realise it more. I’m confident and introduce myself to people, ask what they do, but they never ask me the question back.

Everyone I know seems to be in relationships but I can’t find that person I click with. I’m very mature and well grounded but when I meet new people, they seem to have a lot of baggage and offload their
problems onto me, and I realise how stable my life and problems are. But then we never form a bond.
I’m scared I’ll be on my own forever, I always treat others well but no one makes an effort with me :(

This sounds really ridiculous, I’m not stuck up but the only guys that have wver been interested in me are extremely good looking men, I wish average guys would give me a chance but I just feel ignored. I was even asked out by a celebrity once (but married , it was inappropriate)

Some people I know are less friendly than I am but seem to find people so easy. I feel like maybe I’m in the wrong city or something.
People are never interested in me for friendship or love?
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