Dating a shy guy, who is shy about the normal relationship stuff.(ex. first kiss, holding hands etc.)?

I love going out with shy guys, but I feel like we never get past certain things.

Like the first kiss with my last boyfriend didn't happen for 3 months, and also he wasn't very lovey. I'm not clingy at all, but I just want to hold hands with you haha.

How do you get past these things? Just come out front and say "It's fine for you to hold my hand, and yes you can kiss me" Need some opinions :)

I should add with my last boyfriend I instigated us hanging out which turned into dating. So I haven't put everything on him.


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  • I hate it when girls give me permission or try to push things on me.. So every once-in-a-while, hearing a nice "I love it when you hold my hand, john" is great to hear! Not only does it help boost confidence, but it shows you care about me, and it shows me what you want. Basically, it nails several concerns at the same time.. I've most-always found it to be the way people respond to best.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • That's a good idea! Thanks, that seems like a nice approach without making anything weird!

    • Either this, or take the initiative to hold his hand/kiss him yourself.

  • It is somewhere inside shy guys. You should give it more time and, well, push him a little to it. And it will all happen.


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