What does it mean when a girl ignores your texts?

So I met this girl. I guess I hooked up with her because on the first night we hung out she held my hand and kissed me. She also wanted to have sex but I turned that down by saying I barely knew her and it was a bit too soon. I called her two days later to hang out and she came to chill. After I dropped her off she told me to call her on the weekend to hang out. We barley text each other or keep up to texts. So I called her texted her Friday night and she didn't reply. She didn't respond to my text to hanging out on sunday? Is she playing hard to get since I didn't have sex with her ? or is she just not interested at all ? When a girl says call me does she not expect you to text ?


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  • Well I think she jus wanted to have sex with you lol I mean come on seriously if she was interested she would still be talkin to you not ignoring u..she probably found some other random guy to please her.. move on babe

    • I guess. So she sounded pretty interested the first night. Saying things like how we never met before and stuff.. She also spoke about going on trips together so I'm not sure? girls tend to have heart felt convo when they decide they want a one night stand?

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  • She is probably busy or not interested..

    Move on, or wait for her to call/text you back. Don't blow up her phone with more.


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  • Steps of Resolution:

    1. Call her.

    2. Ask her what is up with "you two".

    3. Here a click.

    4. Find a new love.