Help! I'm so confused about who I want to be with.

OK,so I talk to 2 different goes to my school and the other doesn't. the first guy that goes to my school I don't like at all and he treats me like a queen.he's everything I want in a man but I don't know what it is but I just don't want that.i have a feeling that I want to be single ,but then again I don't want to make a mistake and the other guy I met online is like that to he they both tell me they love me but I'm so confused and down about it. could you guys please help


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  • First off LOVE is not just a word... They are not in love obviously you are not as well... Your best choice for you is to ask for space from both of them... ( ME TIME )!

    give it at least two weeks of no contact and or hanging out with any love interst including the online guy...

    If you don't know what your doing than you obviously YOU don't know what or who you want...

    Every woman wants to feel and be treated like a Queen... If they really love you than they will wait... I gaurentee you will know for sure if you want either of them ... Right now your soaking up the attention and getting away from yourself a bit...

    I really hope you do this because you will not question yourself after this again if you do... goodluck!


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