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ok I have been going out with this girl for about 7 months now but she has a friend and she's a jr and were sophomores but the jr always hangs out with us she like never leaves us alone I don't think she has other friends besides us like she's my girlfriends bestfriend and were kinda close too now. but now since we have been going out longer its just kinda awkwards when she's around she never leaves us alone so we can like do stuff you know. she's always there. she never talks about other guys so I thought she might be a lezbo but I don't think she is. and the guys that like her she doesn't like them. and the 1! guy she likes is way shorter then her but she says they never talk. well duh they don't because she always hangs out with us. when every I go hang out with my friends she always tags along and she doesn't know any of them so she just stands around then she gets board then leaves then texts my girlfriend saying o I'm going somewhere else then my girlfriend gets mad at me because we ditched her. really we didn't we were just hanging out with friends. which she should have some 2 because she's a jr! she only hangs out with her brother that's it and us. I think she's not that bad looking but she has a lot of pimples. how do I get her a boyfriend or get rid of her. for a while so me and my girlfriend can have alone time. she's a pretty cool person but she always ruin everything. where ever we go like to the mall or something she has to be there or the football games she has to be there. she never goes away its like a virus that you can get off! what do I do plese help! o also she is really tall so a lot of the guys at my school isn't as tall as she is so yea.

  • Tell her to get a bf?
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  • Ask her if me and my girlfriend can just have a little alone time?
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  • well I would tell your girlfriend how you are feeling, BUT DON'T BE MEAN! you don't want to say something extrememly rude about her bestfriend and offend her. just like you wouldn't want that to happen to you. so just say she's taking all of your two's alone time.

    talk to the short kid. talk him into asking her out on a date or just hanging out with her. if a lot of guys like her, I'm sure he would too. but I doubt she's a lesbian, some girls just don't like a lot of guys, or have high expectations

    • O me and my girlfriend is trying to get her a boyfriend rite now. she doesn't like that's she's always around either

      and I gess ill try talkin to the short kid.

      thanx so much

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  • damn whiny sophomores. But seriously talk to the girl, just be nice and say something like, I know you're really good friends with my girlfriend and it's cool that you hang out with us but sometimes we need some time by ourselves, ya know as just a boyfriend girlfriend time. Hopefully she is mature enough to understand that couples like to hang out by themselves sometimes. I wouldn't keep trying to hook her up just to get her to leave you alone. If you want to try and get her a boyfriend because you think it would benefit her, then that's fine, but not for your own reasons.

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