I don't like kissing, am I doing something wrong?

I'm new at the kissing and dating scene and recently I went to a club where my friend wanted to hook me up with someone.

So as we are dancing a grinding with numerous guys at the end of the night 3 guys French kissed me. Even the last one who I though was really hot, even him I didn't have fun kissing. They weren't bad at kissing.. Nor were they really good.

It seemed boring.

I had a short term boyfriend before this happened and he took my first kiss, he didn't use tongue but the kissing itself wasn't exciting at all, but the light headed feeling was worth it. I thought that the more I practice the better I get and the more I would like kissing but obviously that didn't work.

Am I doing something wrong? is kissing a guy before you date him not a good idea? How will I be able to get a guy if I don't like kissing them (or finds kissing boring)?


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  • Kissing just for the sake of kissing never ends well.

    It's not pleasuring, it has no meaning and it's just a waste of time.

    When you actually feel something for the guy you're kissing emotions play a big part in it, and the kissing becomes exciting. It helps if the guy is using his hands a bit more too...just letting the arms hang about like dead fishes doesn't do anyone any favors...

    Hope I helped


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  • All I took out of this is that you made out with 3 random dudes in a club on the same night. Do you by any chance star on the Jersey Shore?

    • haha, it does sound really bad. I don't have a boyfriend and I'm overseas.. if that makes it sound any better...*face palm*

    • Hahahaha

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  • I find kissing boring if there isn't some kind of sexual tension/romantic interest (actually the combo is amazing). Kissing for the sake of kissing isn't much fun even if the other person's a good kisser.

  • I love kissing. It's amazing

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