Am I just a fling or does he want something serious?

i met this guy last month && he got my number about 2 weeks after. since the beginning of this month we have been hanging out constantly, about 3 times a week. he's the one that is always asking me to hang out Because he wants to see me. it took about 4 times for us to hang out before he first kissed me and he hasn't tried for anything else. he invites me to hang out with him and his friends. I've even hung out with him && his closest cousin (his cousin told me he's heard so much about me because of him).

he's always calling me pretty && always saying how much he loves my smile. he says I always make him laugh && I have an amazing personality.

the bad thing is he's moving to a city 2 hours away to go to school in a couple of months && I won't be moving until next year but he says that since I'll be outta school I can go visit him & he'll visit me.

i'm confused as to whether this is just a temporary fling or if he's may looking for something more. I really like this guy because he makes me laugh & he gets my sense of humor, not only that but he's beyond nice to me.

agghh what do you guys think? is it going somewhere or is it just a fling?


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  • i think it could be something more. my advice is give this all you got for now because it'll be gone before you know it, & it's better to try for it all now then to have never known what it could have been. & if it is supposed to lead to more then you'll get through it together.

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