First French kiss and he says "ok so I guess we are in agreement then". What?

Ok had first proper kiss (french kiss) at end of third date. The guy walked me home about 15 minute walk. It was probably a makeout lasting a couple minutes. I have generally been pretty relaxed and he has taken the lead with things - asking me out etc. But I was more active in the kissing so that may have surprised him. Honestly I wanted to see if we were compatible there;) At the end he said "ok so I guess we are in agreement then". What do you think of this?


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  • He's saying you're both ready for a serious relationship.the kiss must have been OK!

    Naturally he wonders what you will say back.he's really not so sure that YOU are ready to take the relationship further.

    • We have gone out two more times since I posted this. Our next date was last Thursday and then I saw him again yesterday. We went to hear a band he likes at a lounge on Thursday and it turned into a heavy makeout session at the place, then outside waiting to get a cab, followed by in the cab. Sunday/yesterday was more tame and we watched the marathon live and had brunch. The only real affection was the good buy when we kissed for a little bit. We will meet again on Wed. How does it sound?

    • I wonder why he's taking his time. You've basically given him the OK for bed. Or are you hesitating?

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  • He is asking if you agree that you should carry the relationship further.the next step would be sex, no? He's indirectly asking you if you're ready for that.

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