What do I do when I like 2 men?

I am really in a pickle, because I have feelings for two men. One and I are in a serious relationship, and the other man can hardly talk to me. The first man I love. The second man has never approached me, but I know he likes me...I can just tell by his body language/eye contact. I feel bad, when I am with the first guy, because I wonder about the second guy. And I feel bad, when I am around the second man because I love the first man. What do I do? I feel so bad.


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  • I know how you feel, it really is kind of a tough thing to think about :/

    Just think to yourself if it really is worth being with the guy you're not serious with, and if you think it'll work out in the end, because if not it really isn't worth it. Losing what you have now for someone who might not even work out in the end, then you'll have none.

    Anyway, big thing right there is if you think he's worth being with, and worth spending your time.

    If not, then just try forgetting about him even if its hard.

    if you think he is worth it, well you're kinda stuck in between and you're just gonna have to think things through by yourself. Go with what you think is right, follow your instincts.

    Or think if someone had your situation, what would you think they should do.


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  • Tickle your pickle then :). okay you know what you should do bro.

    you should take them both out on a date at the same time. and then after

    you have your things girls have to do to get comfortable with guys.

    just maaaakeeee lovvvveeee y'know.

    please don't think your kooch is better than other girls kay thanks :)

    <3 good luck I know you'll be successful!

  • If you like both of them the same, then you don't like either one enough.


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  • There's a saying that I've heard that you might wanna know.

    "If you're in love with two people or like two people, pick the second one. If you really loved the first, you wouldn't have fallen for the second."

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