Should I text her after so long?

So me and this chic went on a few dates and had good times. The first date was amazing.. next couple were OK. We were moving very slow, never even got to kiss her. Part of it was cause she was nervous around me, and so I thought hey let me slow things down and get her comfortable so that when I put my arm around her and cuddle eventually she won't be so shy and actually be able to look at me and we can kiss.. I thought it would come with time.

Anyway, invited her out to a fourth date, by phone and by text and she ignored both. Maybe I upset her couple days before asking her out and she was just ignoring me (she might have gotten jealous at me saying I was going with some other chic to a fireworks show because she couldn't and I still wanted to go), maybe she didn't see us forming a relationship (which I kinda don't see because she talked to her mom about me and her mom invited me to dinner before her disappearance).

Either way, she never contacted me back, and she never contacted me first ever before and during dating, which is normal for some girls I suppose. That and maybe because she's a tiny bit shy and insecure, she probably wants me to lead.

So after she ignored my call and text and never got back to me, I basically said f*** it and tried to move on, I was a bit upset to say the least. But after two weeks of no contact between us, and things have cooled down, I'm still thinking about her and wondering why she never responded and why things went from what I thought was good (meeting her mom and going on dates) to suddenly no contact.

Should I shoot her a text, do you think maybe after so long she's had time to think that she either misses me or doesn't? Or after so long will she just think she was just like my plan B and think I'm not serious about her


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  • Firstly, NEVER ask someone out on a date by anything other than face to face. This shows that you don't care enough to go and ask. If it is not possible for a face to face when you can ask her, phone would be a second choice. NEVER by text!

    • Yea we never talked over the phone, I asked her out on the second date by phone and she sounded nervous lol, and frankly I hate talking on the phone, she likes texting so I thought it was ok.

      I wonder if she thinks I didn't care about her much..our dating was very casual and she would sometimes sh*t-test me saying guys were asking for her number, but I never acted jealous or let it bother me..that's the mature response I think. Either way, after so long I shouldn't call.. I think a text is good

  • Either way you should send her a text and if she doesn't get back to you then you should move on but it is worth one more shot if you are still thinking of her.


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