Should I hint to him I like him a lot even though we have established this. Make him my boyfreind?

I am talking to this guy I'm really into and he's into me too. we've hooked up before and did other things but not sex yet. we have a great connection and now just waiting for us to be official. he's kind of shy however so I might have to make the move and ask him.We talk everyday or of not miss one day or so but always talk so things with us are great.

One day we were talking about him and his friend going to the batting cages and he called it a bromance. He then went into details about how him and this guy broke up and he met someone else and he really likes them and they talk for hours and at the end of the day still have so much more to talk about. I think he was referring to me. Everyone I asked said it was in reference to me. Anyway I think it was as well.

I was thinking that when I talk to him late at night and he asks me what I'm doing I might say thinking. When he asks about what ill say a boy but not directly say his name and give details about both of us. Ill say something along the lines of I really like him and I think he likes me too and I'm hoping one day to make it official. Maybe he will think and be like hmm I think that's about me and maybe see that I really like him even though I think he knows.I think we both know we like each other a lot just have to make the first move. What do you think? should I do this or no?


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