Why isn't he texting me?

Okay here's the deal...

I met a guy at a bar, we've been dancing a couple time, we exchanged numbers, one night we went pre-gaming together before the bar and we kissed. That was Thursday a week ago. Since then, we've been on 2 dates, the day after and last Tuesday. We were supposed to meet at the bar last Thursday again, I got there, he wasn't there, I texted him why he wasn't there and he said he had a paper due next day. Since then I've texted him twice again, once Friday to see if he wanted to go to the bar with me and again tonight if he wanted to watch a movie...both times he didn't respond.

The thing is, I really don't get why. I thought we were getting along great, the night we kissed he told me he really liked me, I thought our dates went really great, so I don't get why he's suddenly ignoring me.

Do guys do that a lot, just drop a girl out of nowhere? Or is it something that I did?


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  • I know This is to answer to your question. But I'm really looking to an answer to my question and it won't let me ask any more questions for an other 6 hours! my question is that I've been single for a while now and I feel like I'm getting to the point that I'm getting desperate in dating someone. Sometimes I feel lonely and I just wish I could have someone to spend time with and be with, I'm not usually like this, usually I don't mind but now that I'm working with my brother and my sister, out of the country and seeing my sister with her boyfriend all the time it makes me feel left out and most of the time lonely. I don't know what it is I'm just feeling like its even harder for me now to be able to get a date to even go around the corner.

    Any suggestions on what I could do? and apart from that I find it harder now for me to approach to girls and try to start a conversation...

    and to your question. I don't think is something you did. I'm pretty sure that he's not a good guy. I mean all the guys I know don't usualy turn girls down like that. especially if they get to the point where they kiss and he tells the girl that he really likes her. You should try and not text him and see if he tries to get a hold of you. if he doesn't for a while try calling or texting him saying that you really need to talk to him. I hope it works


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  • omg a guy did that to me too recently, the trick is to let it go, the minute they think you're loosing interest they will try harder, and if he doesn't his loss. try not txting him for a bit, if he texts you keep it short.