Guys: How do you let a girl know?

You see her as more than just a fling, and might want something serious with her?

How long would you "hang out" with a girl before making it official?


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  • I'm a bit cynical now but basically if I have a fling with a girl I'm never really going to think that she's trustworthy to be with in any official kind of way, meaning that I suspect she's had a lot of one night stands or flings, or just that she doesn't think sex is a big deal and I'm certainly not going to respect anyone who doesn't respect herself.

    Sure it's a double standard, but each sex has their own prejudices. Whatever. I'm just a used towel in this cosmic circle jerk we call life. Pass the lube.

    Also, I tend to wait until I see that I've become a big priority in her life before asking to be official. Actually, my last two relationships, the girl asked so all I had to do was say "OK".


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