Should I text him and send a picture of me?

•Does he know that I‘m the same girl ( even if he acts like he would have no clue)?•Should I send him a pic?
•Was he honest and finds me really cute? •Isn‘t our background story way too strange?
•Can we meet each-other once in reallife?
•Will he think I‘m crazy for this?
•Is it very embarrassing to be the same girl again?

I‘m interested in this guy from school. I have a fake account on instagram and messaged him without any intentions. He got it and asked me for my reasons. First we were both teasing each-other and later, he tried to help me out (they are really several deep reasons) and wrote me long sweet messages.

I admitted being a girl from his school and finding him handsome. He said I should create a real one and write him again. I did it and he meant to me: super you succeed too. I was like: yeah but I think I gonna delete it. He: why? Me: Social media isn‘t good for my health. He: ok perhabs it‘s better when you decide for yourself.
-That was almost one and a half year ago. -

Now I always find myself back creating new fake ones and message hin when I have problems. He even once asked me if I’m the same girl and answered with ‚no’ because I was too ashamed admitting it.

Whenever I have some problems I ask him for advice and thank him and come a few months later back to him.
Lately I asked him for male advice because of an other guy and we got off the topic.
We started having actually a conservation.
He said he would like to see a picture of me, because he believes I‘m really cute.
Should I text him and send a picture of me?
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