Casual make-out leads to confusion!?

Met a guy at the club through a mutual friend, we danced together and made out, not really talking much haha! We left for a cigarette together and talked a little, then a girlfriend of mine got into a bit of trouble so I ended up sticking by her side for the rest of the night and missing out on spending any more time with the guy. At the end of the night, he came over and asked for my number, so I gave it to him before leaving.

He texted me the following day, being really friendly and saying what a good time he had, so I replied and we were having a nice text conversation, when all of a sudden he just didn't reply!

I added him on facebook a few hours later, and really don't want him to think I'm desperate, but I'm kinda interested in him now... This all happened a couple of days ago.

Why would he stop contacting mid-conversation? And how can I start talking to him without me seeming clingy/annoying?

Thanks for any suggestions guys x


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  • Well, what was the last thing you texted him?


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