If I'm hesitant about starting a relationship with him, does it mean he's not right for me?

We've been on about 7 dates over 1.5 months. I recently had my heart broken by an ex, and afraid of relationships in general. There are a bunch of things that I don't like about him, but am I just being picky to create distance or should I wait it out? If you're ever afraid to enter a relationship, is that usually a sign I should not waste my time?


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  • If you've been on that many dates with him our showing him interest, that is not the best idea right now when your still thinking so heavily about your ex. Don't drag him around and just tell him your not ready, its not fair for him to keep trying to get with you and your not emotional there right now for anybody else. Plus if you really dislike a lot of things about him then he might not even be your type anyways and if you were indeed over your ex then you will have a clear idea of what you really think of him, you seem a bit confused at the moment.

    I would suggest accessing your thoughts and feelings about your ex boyfriend and try to get yourself to move on from him and that relationship. BUt obviously meeting people right now isn't the best place for you to be.

    • I don't want to be with my ex, but he came back into my life and really hurt me even though it wasn't about us dating again. It's just a matter of trusting the intentions of guys. I'm slowly getting over that pain, and so I asked him to take it slow and he's fine with that. But I've been told I am too picky and compare everyone to him so he could be great, I just need time. With that said, should I still leave him?

    • I wouldn't leave him, keep in touch, but don't spend so much time with him, you don't seem emotionally ready for that right now. I don't mean to get back with your boyfriend, I just mean go over what's happened with him and try to get over him, just refelcet on what hurt you and overcome that before you start dating again. Once you feel that you are sufficientely over him then start dating.

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  • I think what you need is time for yourself. Chances are you're going to convince yourself you can make things work with this guy, but you're already being critical with him while you guys are new together. If there are many things you don't like about this new guy, don't stick around. There's a reason why people date around until they find the right person :)

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