Asked him this morning what he sees in our dating future because I am so confused.

So, I met this guy online and we went out for about 6 dates, we kissed, and held hands in that span.

The final date was at his apartment on Friday night. I asked him when I could see him again and he said that he would have to check his schedule because he is busy but knows he won't be available Saturday because he is hanging out with his guy friends, which is totally fine.

So, he texts a couple times Saturday, and I still haven't heard when I could see him for the long weekend. Sunday night rolls around and I ask him if he has figured out his schedule because mine is filling up fast (school and work).

He offers some evenings he is available and says he is doing nothing on Monday, I politely ask to see him Monday (It's a holiday), since he said he wasn't doing anything and I wasn't busy. He then texts, 'I don't mean to be rude, but I have personal stuff to deal with on Monday'. I say, 'Oh, ok', since he didn't really specify, he apologizes again but doesn't offer up another time I can see him again.

I text back, "Well, I'll see you when I see you,"

to which he responds, "For sure, sorry about the..Tomorrow thing'

and I reply back, 'See you when I see you. Bye'.

I then ask him this morning what he sees in our dating future because I am so confused.

I think I screwed this up? Help Please!

*He did not contact me after I said 'Bye'. He did say to me that he is awkward and if he says something that hurts me, he didn't mean it and meant for me to take it the other way.


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  • Why did you keep asking this guy when you could see him next? Did you think somehow he did not know how to ask you? He knows how to contact you, he knows how to ask you if you are available, so why did you have to keep asking him about this?

    I don't mean to be harsh, but been there, done that. What I found through experience is that a guy I had to chase for the next date was a guy who just was not that in to me. Face it, the guys we date should be at least as capable and intelligent as we are. They can ask us for the next date as well as we can ask them. If we ask them 1,2, 3 times and they keep putting it off, finding other activities and otherwise just not showing any interest in locking up some of our busy schedule, they just don't care.

    So, the only thing that did not work here is the fact that you kept pursuing this guy for an answer and the next date. Someone once told me that dating is like tennis, once you lob the ball into the other person's court, you have to just wait for them to lob it back, no matter how frustrating that is. No amount of yelling at them across the net will get them to shoot the ball back to you any quicker than they feel like. Good luck!

  • presumably, this behavior has only started since the last date - as in, before that he would be available for dates and willing to set them up? if that is the case, then something must have changed for him but it would be anybody's guess what!

    you were right to ask him what he sees for your relationship, has he replied yet? you need to see what he says, as it will be very telling. if he hasn't responded since this mornng, I would give him a total of 48 hours - if it takes any longer than that, he is no longer interested for some reason.

    • No he has not. :S

      He hasn't texted me since last night. :(

      Thank-You for your advice! It is much appreciated.

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