Guys text me and ask me to hang out...but then drop off the face of the earth. wth?!?!

I'm getting really annoyed by this. I have 2 examples to share.

#1...i am on a dating site. I had a guy initiate talking so I assume he was interesting or else he wouldn't have contacted me. anyways, I responded in one email about how I still live with my parents, and have no job (cause I just graduated college) and so forth. I hadn't heard from him, so I thought I scared him away but wrote another email saying if he changed his mind to text me. (I gave my #) he did text me...1 month later! and said I didn't scare him away, he had to go for army training and that's why he couldn't respond. he asked me to hang out that night, but I told him I couldn't but that I'd def like to get together sometime. he said he would too. after that...i Haven't heard from him since. I have texted him a few times, just asking "hey hows your day going" with no response from him. wtf?!?! why did he even bother contacting me then if he isn't interested?

#2 got in touch with an old ex from like 10 years ago on fb. HE gave me his number and said about hanging out since we both do not work right now. but...he never texts me, and every time I ask him to hang out he always has an excuse as to why he cant. WHY did he even give me his number then and say about hanging out if he obviously doesn't want to?!?! I even purposely did not text him for like a week, waiting to see if he would text me. and he did a week later saying "i guess you don't want to talk to me anymore". its like...HELLOOOOO...YOU CAN TEXT ME TOO!

i don't understand why guys do this. I don't like my time wasted and do not like games. I call these guys out on it and send them a message like "why did you give me your number and ask to hang out if you obviously don't want to". especially the dating site guy. or do I just forget about it and if they text me, respond. and if not, oh well. help me understand this!


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  • i know. I don't understand guys. this one guy I was talking to would get so happy when I would text him, but I would never hear from him first. its like, don't act like you're interested if you're not