so I have never kissed a guy and I want to know, guys, if that makes a different.

do you care if a girl has kissed a guy before or not?

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well its not like I haven't kissed anyone, just not guys, so I have had practice. No I'm not bi-sexual


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  • It really doesn't matter. I remember my first kiss, I was wondering the same thing. like, what do I do? By my 3rd kiss I was a pro at it. lol. Some people kiss more aggressively than others (yeah, when it comes to tongue and stuff). My advice, just let him kiss you and do what he does. As for everything else he tries to do, I suggest you decide where to put up a stop sign. Yeah, really. I'll clue you in really quick because you're young. The first thing that probably happens after kissing you is, he'll probably try and get his hand on your boobies, outside of course, and he'll test you little by little to see what he can get away with touching. The reason guys do this is, they can find out what you're willing to do by when and where you tell them to stop. At that point, he'll probably back off to his previous advancement that he didn't get called on and make a mental note of what he can currently gets away with, and what his next goal is. Yeah, it's a game, and you get to decide what kind of player you are. I hope that helps.


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  • Well I can say from experience that it sucks trying to kiss somebody that has never kissed anybody in their life. My ex girlfriend couldn't kiss at all and I had to teach her how to kiss. She was getting the hang of it though. So I wouldn't worry you just need to find a guy that is willing to teach you.

  • trust me you'll get enough experience while you'r kissing you'r Boyfriend , its no a problem .

  • It makes no problem to me if I care and like the girl.


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  • with girls it come natrualy you can't f*** up even if you wanted to lol

    guys are always bad kissers at first, and tey have to learn.

    you will automatically do it naturaly trust me

    do get stressed over it

    i have my first kiss when I was 7yrs old lol