Hey girls and guys(if you were a girl or just pretend)....who would you choose?

Boy A: cute, nice, friendly,cool, like a head taller than you, loves gundam and yoyo, smart, polite, funny, sarcastic, innocent-ish, keeps strong friendships between friends especially girls, used to be a fob, sits next to you in 3rd period,one of your friends has a crush on him, thomas...

Boy B. Super cute, hot,nice, cool, around 3 inches taller than u, more active, loves to tease you about your best friend and how you two love each other (not true), funny, very sarcastic, not that perverted, kinda flirts with a lot of girls, visits you at lunch...just to tease you and your friend(nicely of course), viet, likes mindcraft and black ops etc, sometimes spends time with you after school, Mark

Both boys are about average popularity, thomas has a small group of friends

Mark has a group too but more...of a moving around type

Ok sorry for the long descriptions. Who would you choose? And why?


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  • If your friend has a crush on boy A in my mind that automatically eliminates him from the running. He does sound like a very sweet boy but he's off limits, you could really hurt your friendship (even if they say its cool) and if you aren't really serious about him and are interested in other guys as well no reason to go there. As for boy B he's showing interest in you by coming over to spend time with you and he also sounds nice so why not see what happens with him? Since he's flirty it can be hard to know what his feelings are but you sound like a fun flirty person too so I think you'd have a good time.


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  • Cant say... Everyone has a difrent view on relationships and who they like and why they like them..

    Id say let your hear decide.. Close your eyes.. And think about them..

    And the first of the 2 guys faces you can see clearly you should go for it.. And don't look back

    Or you could put there names in a hat and draw at random...

    But the heart idea sounds better ;)


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  • i kinna think boy A is a good catch

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