Why do white guys think black girls are not attracted to them?

After reading a lot of questions and answers, I've noticed that a lot of white guys that are attracted to black girls, but never ask them out or even talk to them because they're afraid or intimidated. A lot of the questions I've read were from black girls asking about white guys and the 99% of the guys said they were attracted to, have dated, or even prefer black women. So, I just want to know what you guys think.


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  • Haven't read the other reactions, I'll just speak for myself.

    Personally I slightly prefer white or hispanic girls, but it really isn't that big a deal.

    Only I got the feeling that most of the black girls like black guys?

    Black girls never seem to flirt with me, while white girls do? For me that already is a good reason to assume black girls are not really attracted to white guys. (In general of course)


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  • I love the "afro-romance" ad that pops up above for this question. LMAO.

    Anyway, the black girls that I have talked at school just trying to start conversation have looked at me like I was crazy for even trying to talk to them. After about the 20th time I gave up and am not trying it again. A lot of them are cute but I'm not gonna deal with any attitude from any female, period. That's usually the difference that makes them unapproachable. My other white guy friends have the same problem so that's why I say that. I will say they don't try to act like a bad ass as much if you catch them alone but still not an attitude that welcomes you in to engage more. and in front of their friends they have been more interested in showing out than meeting a white guy. so like I said I quit.

    but I have met black people from other places (not the deep south) who say that even THEY are put off by the black girls here so it might be that the are is the problem. who knows but there are some cute ones, I just am not the type to be putting up with any attitudes. I can turn around, walk 10 steps and talk to another girl without all that.

    • I understand, an attitude is definitely a put-off

    • yeah but not all black girls are like that

      more and more black girls now are trying to date outside of our race but a lot of us don't have any luck in that department.

      i had a white guy come talk to me before but I rejected him because he thought saying "im cute for a black chick " was a compliment. and its not. at least in my book its not

  • I personally like women of every ethnicity. A beautiful women is a beautiful women. The majority of the users on this site are young boys. I wouldn't take the community as the general population.

    • Soooo I disagreed by mistake, I meant to agree =) thanks for your comment lol

  • I had a crush on a couple of black girls in my past, and all of them wouldn't date me because I was white.

  • I don't think that. I have been hit on by quite a few black girls so I know there are those that are attracted to white guys. I wouldn't say I prefer any kind of women over any other. If I find a girl attractive and fun to be around I would make a move.

  • I'm sure a good portion has to do with the penis stereotype, not to mention the alpha male thug stereotype.

    And I also get the impression that black women like to emasculate black men and that it's far more accepted in that community. So maybe that plays a role.

    • your impression is so wrong..black women do not emasculate black men

      i will let a man be a man if he knows how to be one

    • That 'if he knows how to be one' speaks volumes. As far as I'm concerned, women don't get to define what it means to be a man any more than men get to define what it means to be a woman.

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  • at my college , have seen a couple of good looking white guys , I will usually just smile and look away because I know they won't approach me. It's not something I dwell on. Actually once I saw one guy staring at me ..but I knew he couldn't come over so I just ignored him. Not to seem conceited , I know am pretty so am not surprised when they stare at me. I would never approach a white guy unless he made a move on me or he showed that he was into me. I don't approach them because I know many white guys don't like black girls -at least from what I hear. That's why at times I give off a standoffish attitude.

    • Would you give them a chance if they did approach you?

    • only if I find them attractive .

  • we think the same way. I notice when I'm out and about and looking good, only the blk guys would look at me or approach me. Never the white guys. Why? I feel its because I'm black and they are not attrcted to us no matter how pretty, they don't look hard enough to really see that to me they see a blk guy and immediately look away not really realizin she pretty. I feel like we are invisible to white men, most not all some are out there but very few or they not showin it.

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