Why won't she text back?

I met this girl at a I party, I got her number, we said we'll call about whether we were going to drink something in delft or Amsterdam.

2 days after the party I texted her something like: "hey, how are you? been enjoying the sun? would you like to drink something with me on a terrace(outside don't know how you say it) in Amsterdam this week? delft is fine too, doesn't really matter(I live in Amsterdam she lives in delft). let me know!"

I texted her at 20.00 last night, now its 12.39 the next day and she hasn't responded?

Girls, do you ever wait this long to text back?

And if no, why wouldn't you just text back and say no(I thought you thought honesty was so very important?)


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  • maybe she is busy, she'll text you back, but if you waited 2 weeks and nothing then maybe you might want to call instead.


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