Ladies explain yourself, why you sometimes do this thing?

In previous college and my current one.

I had met girls who at some point were dating someone or are dating someone.
Some were and probably are still single.

The thing is most of the time they never brought that they had a boyfriend and if they have to meet with their boyfriend, they claimed they were meeting their friend. They said it was their boyfriend.

I remember one who was holding hands with her boyfriend then as soon as she saw me walking on that hallway she stop holding hands with that guy and acted like she didn’t knew him lol.

I also had notice that super shy insecure girls tend to bring that they have a boyfriend to see how I will react. I can understand that someone as handsome as me will make a girl think that I got options and I’m aiming to have some cuchi cuchi with them without pursuing something serious. I know because it is been proved later on that it was just a shitty test to see if I have feelings for them.

Anyways, my question is why do girls like to hide they got a boyfriend from me, forget about me being handsome. Just want to know the reason behind all of that?
Ladies explain yourself, why you sometimes do this thing?
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