How to text/call to start a convo with him? (it's trickier that it sounds)

So I have his number just don't know what to say cos he doesn't know I have it? (his friend gave it to me once to make a call as he didn't have credit to do it)

so background story: there's this guy I've liked for nearly 3years now and I know he used to like me heaps as well, but we never told each other how we feel.. Few weeks ago though he said to me 'i like you'. Now I don't know if he forgot the 'd' at the end of like or whether he did it on purpose..

Bear in mind he doesn't know I have his number so what could I say so that I don't look like a stalker? Lol make it look like a coincidence.. Or what? It would be great if anyone could give me some suggestions ? Please :) thank you


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  • It's sneaky how you held on to his number, if he wanted you to have it then he would have given it to you. If he has said he likes you then next time you see him you could give him your number and tell him you like him too and it would be nice to go out sometime! If you use his number when he hasn't given it directly to you or given permission for you to have it via his friend it would seem rather weird and it might just put him off you!

    • That's true but he had given me his number himself a few months but it didn't hit me for some reason..But I do understand what you mean and thankyou but things are too awkward for me to go up to him and all.. I just don't have it in me :/