Is it a rebound relationship or really love?

if you come out of a 3 year relationship and been broke up for three months can you really fall back in love within that short time with someone else? is the person in a rebound relationship? or are they really in love and will it last?


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  • think real hard about it I am at the moment coming out of a 3 year relationship but after 3 months you have to decide if your truly over your ex and are you ready to move on

    • sorry I should have re worded this better, my ex is the one that has a new relationship not me. thjey have been dating 3-4 months now and even though its none of my buisness I want to know if its really love and can it really be serious. I mean he told me that the relationship was getting serious but it hasn't even been six months, how can that be?

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  • well if you don't think about your ex at all or if you know that you won't go back to your ex even if he comes begging then maybe you are over your ex and dating to have fun. but if you still all in pain and making new bfs to forget your ex then yes its a rebound