How do I handle this feeling?

Before I start, please answer this question if you can actually understand from my point of view!! Not just criticise. Anyway, I met this guy online and before you ask, no, we have not met yet, but we’ve seen plenty of each other and have been talking for ages. I can 100% truly say that he is not a catfish.

We both like each other, and we just clicked from the very start. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think he’s amazing and he makes me feel good, but him being so far away and not knowing when we can see each other makes me worry. I just want affection from a guy, I wanna feel that again. I know I need to be patient... but seeing couples all around the place... I just want someone to kiss, you know? Even if it’s just a hook up.

Sounds really bad, but also we’re both being loyal to each other and we care about each other so I can’t do anything about it. So what do I do?
How do I handle this feeling?
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