Should I date him still or not?

ok so he asked me out and I've known him a little and his best friend was a really good friend of mine but then when I started dating him she quit talking to me and then I found out that he dated his best friend for 4 days and she broke up with him and I always get the 3rd person sorta feeling when they're by each other. I don't mind him being best friends with her but she tends to like hug him and touch him a lot but she did that even before he started dating me and she seems like she's saying all this bad stuff is happening in her life and everythings going wrong just so she can get closer to him or that's the feeling I get because she only talks to him as if he was the only guy she has and yet she talks to all theses other guys and stuff. and she even considers her self sl*t and she says she is and stuff and she tells him things that she knows makes him worry because he cares about her (idk what way I just know he cares about her a lot) and then when I was sad and was talking to him (apprently he tells her everything) so he told her he was upset because of me and then next thing I know she's all mad at me for talking to him about stuff that I didn't even want anyone to know besides him, my boyfriend and she gets him upset a lot yet she's yelling at me for it. and I've asked her if she still likes him and she said no and I asked him if he still likes her he said he loves her but he loves me even more and I'm more important then her and stuff. and one time I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't hangout with him at our usual table and what happened was all you see is her walk back there and then soon after he fallowed, like he didn't even say anything to me so that makes me feel like I'm just a fill in because he wants her but he couldn't her so I'm the next best thing and I told him about how I feel and he's always like I feel really lucky to have you and I love you and I don't want anyone other then you and stuff like that but I'm getting the feeling that he really loves her not me and I'm just there because he couldn't get and I've been dating him for 2 months now, I actually started getting this feeling with in the 1st week of dating him and its only gotten worse and I'm not trying to be jealous or anything but it really bugs me and I already told him it bugs me but he never changed he just basicly told me that he loves me and that he doesn't want anyone elses and stuff and I can tell he still has feelings for her because of how they talk, and because you still always have feelings for anyone you dated so I'm just unsure if I should break up with him or should I wait and see how things go?


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  • It depends on how well you take break ups and such. If you think its not a bid deal ill find someone else, you should break up with him and tell him why so he learns. Breaking up with him also might be a wake up call. If you would miss him and feel bad then really explain to him what bothers you and why, give it some time. If I were you, I would bring up breaking up. I would say something like well it seems like your more into her than me or I don't know ha ha or just give it time and explain. He needs to learn its not right. I hope that helped hahah. Good luck.


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