How make a good first kiss enjoyable for both?

GUYS TELL ME HOW you LIKE IT! So I haven't had my first kiss yet, not because I haven't had a chance, but I haven't had any type of 'thing' for someone so that I could say ' yea, let's kiss' but I just want to know what to do! WHAT DO GUYS LIKE? Where guys like for girls to put our hands, what to do with lips, and tounge? I wouldn't know, so please details and tips. ! Thnks in advance!


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  • i don't think there is a guide to kissing. it just happens. you both feed of each other. if you over-think it, it might not be that great. you will know what to do when it happens.

    • tht actually makes me feel better. I'm going to prom with a crush, and wanted to know if anything happened! So no over-thinkin? Lolz Thanks! :)

    • nope. just let it happen if it does.

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  • Don't get to touchy with your hands, holding hands and hugging would be alright, and absolutely no tongue for your first kiss with a guy. Make it private, and never, ever ASK to kiss, make sure you 2 are confident with each other and just go for it at the right moment. Of course, there really arn't any "rules" besides the obvious XD

    • No french, and no annoyin/akward ' can I get a kiss', got it! Thanks! :)

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