We didn't talk for like 4 months, but now we talk?

well this is a very long story I have asked many questions about this girl well here is the very short version.

theres this girl that I used to work with we were really good friends we flirted with each other and would talk for hours, then she went away for school and that's when I told her I liked her and she said she just wanted to be friends and also she just got back with her boyfriend of 3 years well anyway we got into a fight and she did not talk to me for 3 months,

so 3 months went by and I asked her on MSN if we can be friends and she was like "Im just about over everything and for the friends part I don't know I will decide if being friends is possible when I get back"

so today she came into my work and was talking to all the managers and then she came into my section it was weird at first then I said hey and asked how her trip was then that's when we started talking we talked for 2 and a half hours then she had to go because my store was closeing

I did not menstion the fight I did not want to bring it up but why would she talk to me for 2 and a half hours I thought she hated my guts I wish she would be my girlfriend but I don't think she has any feelings for me at all.


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  • do ya still talk?


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