What are some sings throught text that a guy likes you?

I've been texting this guy for about a month now. Usually, I text him first saying hey, and we talk for a couple of hours. But randomly he'll stop texting. And I always notice him in school but he never sees me. were planning on hanging out but I initiated the hangout! I feel like I'm doing a lot of work. But he flirts with me when we text; calling me cute and stuff. He wants me to give him a hug but I'm nervous! Hahaha. What do I do?

P.S he has reeaally pretty eyes. Just saauon.

Wowww, ... I really do know how to spell! Ahaha.

Btw ima dorkk!
Not like a dork dork, but like I do dorky things. I'm athletic, and into sports! Okay this is becoming awkward and I can't stop laughing...
But I do need help with this question.

He's older, and really cute.

I'm not on drugs...


We're discussing our tastes in music as we speakk(:
Literallyy! I'm the only one viewing this pagee...(:



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  • Well you pretty much said your self he definitely likes you and personally your just beinging a little bit clingy plus a guy who spends lots of hours texting you is obviously into you. and for the planning events guy nevre plan anything well most don't. About never sees me well ever thought he turns around before you look back at him? Plus if your not sure what the next level is or what his intensions with flirting with you are try to hint things like when he leaves all randomly ask what are doing? etc. and for the you start the convertions don't worry he likes since he spents a lot a time texting you.


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