Why doesn't she text me?

We went out over the summer, but when we first exchanged numbers, we texted each other 50/50. Then later on she lost feelings for me and we stopped talking for a bit even though we agreed to remain friends. Now we talk a bit more and I have her number again and says she'd like to be real friends instead of this hi/bye bs. So I said I wanted to too. So I started to text her just to say hi to her and the conversations always end with her saying "ttyl". But she never initiates the texting. She replies pretty quick and we seem to get along while texting. But she never texts me and I don't want to seem needy or clingy texting her all the time since that's not how it was when we first met each other. But all in all I don't understand why she doesn't text me, does she just not want to talk to me? Does she just not want end things with me awkwardly? is she just stringing me along? Is she talking to someone else more important? Is she doing this so she can tell I still have some feelings for her and have me wrapped around her finger? should I quit texting her for abit to see what would happen? help?


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  • I don't know the girl, so I can't be sure - but she might also be thinking "I don't want to seem needy/clingy" or "I don't want to start a conversation if I have nothing to say so there's no awkward silence"

    If she replies quickly, she probably still likes you (even if just as a friend), she just doesn't want to start a conversation she doesn't think she'll be able to keep up.


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